Shinkobook (20 page book + mp3 download)


Commissioned by Issue Project Room (NYC) for their 21 speaker sound system, BREATH HEART SKIN is easily Sadja's most ambitious, monolithic work to date. Beginning with an ear massage of piercingly high frequencies (a recurring motif throughout the work) Sadja then launches full force into waves of majestic harmonies and drones. Layering sound upon sound, texture upon texture, each track grows exponentially in intensity, culminating in a slow motion explosion of euphoria before fading back into nothingness. With BREATH HEART SKIN, Sadja flexes his synthetic muscles, creating a uniquely dynamic atmosphere that is at once grotesque, abusive, sensual, and uplifting. A brutally powerful work of electronic beauty.

Taking the form of an artists’ book with a digital download code, BREATH HEART SKIN is a stunning 20 page full color publication featuring photographs of cloud formations shot by the artist from the roof of his Brooklyn apartment. The effect of natural light has been amplified with dramatic color-saturation into gorgeous bands of sky, as though layers of dirt are being lifted from a Renaissance painting. A white rectilinear border placed over the forms interrupts each of the images while giving the sensation of holding something powerful in frame, familiar to Sadja’s music.

BREATH HEART SKIN kicks off Shinkoyo's new SHINKOBOOK Series of book/album hybrids.

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