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New album of solo electronic pop songs about getting kicked out of your apartment, turning 30, getting pregnant, getting bed bugs, and trying to feel normal... by Matt Mehlan of the band Skeletons.


What began as a simple impulse to make some music to be danced to, "Flipping Out" evolved through some desperate and stressful circumstances into a danceable cathartic exorcism. Reminiscent of early electronics-heavy Skeletons (perhaps with more bass frequencies and lo-fi crackle) this dose of life-struggle poetry comes with more than a fair share of hooks.

Originally released in parts via limited 7" and cassette this release compiles and completes the "Flipping Out" Saga. Available on CD, Cassette, Digital Download as well as a limited art book of photos from around the world by Matt himself that comes packaged with a download and a 7" of the first single "When U Coming Out?".


"In the Spring of 2012 my future wife and I were kicked out of our apartment. We should have seen it coming. When we moved in, there was a driveway and lot to the side of the building - a rare sight in Brooklyn, USA. Even rarer were the big sun filled windows where we eventually watched workers build a cinder block wall, about three inches beyond the glass. It had the effect of being walled in, darkened, confined. The landlords developed the lot, and soon after our building had sold for millions of dollars, and we had to go.

This was around the same time we got pregnant. I've heard dozens of stories of couples getting pregnant and deciding to move. I didn't really want to. I had the foolish thoughts I think every couple has right before the baby comes - "IT WON'T CHANGE ANYTHING!" I hadn't realized how completely fucked things in New York City had become. When you're happy and can afford your place and you're not worried about moving, I suppose it starts to drift into the casual ether of small talk (in this city people love to talk about their apartments). We couldn't find a thing.

Sleazy brokers and owners spewed their phony garbage and the months went by. The landlord starting tearing walls down in our building and my pregnant wife had to traverse dangling electrical cords and crumbling plaster with her protruding belly. We found a place only to arrive two days before move in and see that it was also a construction zone.

It seemed like anywhere near our place had been renovated or rebuilt as "Luxury Apartments" we had no chance of affording. We expanded the search, further away until we were able to lock in a place with a pricy broker's fee and brutal commute, but at least available and decent. My (at this point very) pregnant wife and I moved.

After three weeks, bugs of all kinds started crawling DOWN the walls. The upstairs neighbors(who had also just moved in)knocked and said "We're out of here - this is a nightmare." Apparently the tenant above them had a bed bug problem so bad he had bugs living in his beard.

We quickly moved out. We may move out of New York soon. Such is the way things go, I guess. I made this music during this time to try to get through it somehow. It's the only kind of record I could make: in headphones, laptop and synth set on cardboard boxes... In the early morning when I couldn't sleep for weeks, hunting for bugs with a flashlight... Zombie-like in front of the TV after 14 hour days of apartment showings and hospital visits and repacking of boxes and work deadlines... At the laundromat waiting for every piece of clothing we had to be cleaned and dried with hopes of not bringing any bugs with us... It was not the way I had expected things to go. We moved again, and two weeks later my daughter was born.

Having a kid, and having bed bugs, are not uncommon - I know. Neither is being stressed out or losing money or meeting people with some evil in their being. I have been very lucky to have options in some situations that many others may not've, and I'm very grateful. I just hope sharing stories is still a way to collectively cope. That's why I thought it would be worth sharing this, and the music that came out of it."

-Matt / Uumans


"Flipping Out" is the second of Shinkoyo's new SHINKOBOOK Series of book/album hybrids.





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